M2 is a Transmedia Company.  

We take a holistic view of a media property.  From there, we develop and seize opportunities for rich, engaging storytelling played across the spectrum of platforms. 


This approach keeps great content present with the audience, pulling them deeply into the world of the material.


Our secret weapon is Motion Comics!

"The Tower Chronicles" 3D Launch Trailer  |  Legendary Entertainment

"Libra's Streets" Animated Segment for Season Finale  |  Femme Fatales

"DeadTown" Teaser  |  M2 Original IP

"Luke McBain" Series Teaser  |  12-Gauge Comics

"Dexter" Promo Sample  |  Showtime

"Supremacy MMA" Video Game Trailer  |  Kung Fu Factory + 505 Games

"Supremacy MMA" Video Game Opening  |  Kung Fu Factory + 505 Games

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